Vincent Young Models for a Portrait in Sleeveless Sweater
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Vincent Young Models for a Portrait in Sleeveless Sweater

Vincent Young is an actor most known in Beverly Hills 90210 for his portrayal of Noah, but he is a great, long-time friend of mine. We met while I was wrestling for Cinnaminson High School, and he wrestled for Delran High School. He claims the school's record for fastest wrestling pin at 4 seconds. We met at a joint scrimmage and have been in contact ever since, so we collaborate to create images that enhance both of our portfolios.

This studio portrait session was a way for Vincent Young to reveal his new look. After taking on the role of Curly in Escape Plan 2, Vince was asked to shave his head to fit the vision for the character. He shaved his hair, and decided to keep it as a permanent new style.

The concept of this session was to showcase Vince's edgy style, and showcase his evolution as a character actor, so that studios, theaters and fans of his work can visualize him in a diverse set of roles. The sleeveless argyle sweater was appropriate for this photography shoot because it matched the cool, villainous tone that Vince accepts in his later films.

As an actor, Vince

Location: 227 Quarry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.