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Polaroids, Music, and Gardens: Phil Kramer Hosts Polaroidvangogh

Music, Gardens, and Polaroids: Phil Kramer Hosts Polaroidvangogh

On September 7th, Phil Kramer Photographers is hosting a First Friday gallery show for Matthew Loeber, also known as Polaroid Van Gogh, at our Old City studio on 227 Quarry Street, 1st Floor. Matthew is a photographer who specializes in iPhone camera photography, which he manipulates into polaroid photos using special photoshop tools, camera techniques, and sometimes a hairdryer and a Chinese take-out chopstick.

His iPhone photography portfolio ranges from animals, Philadelphia scenery, Cape May Victorian houses, local Delaware valley musicians, and most notably, colorful flowers grown in the backyard of his house, or as he calls it, The City Garden. At the First Friday event, Matthew plans to hang a variety of blooming flowers in our brick courtyard, musicians in front of the television, and cityscapes surrounding the space where we photograph headshots.

Polaroidvangogh Photography of Sunflower by Matthew Loeber

Bringing the Funk to Quarry Street!

To fit Matthew’s funky aesthetic and musical vibe, the First Friday art show is featuring live music by singer-songwriter and soul man, Cookie Rabinowitz. Cookie will jam in front of the studio window, while live musical performances videotaped by Matthew Loeber will loop on the HD television inside the studio. Attendees will experience what Matthew’s style is all about in one walk-through of the studio gallery.

Our open bar is just the icing on the cake to this party. In the courtyard, we’re serving complimentary beer and wine for the local First Friday goers. The delicious drinks at the bar include Delirium Tremens, Freakshow Cabernet Sauvignon and La Fiera Pinot Grigio.

Photo or Painting?

It’s common to mistake Matthew’s some of iPhone photography for paintings, but this confusion spurred the origin of his nickname, The Polaroid Van Gogh. He creates this effect using mind-blowing polaroid manipulation techniques. On First Friday, Matthew is displaying several paintings that he manipulated into a painting by heating them with a hairdryer and using a Chinese take-out chopstick to move the emulsion around as though it were paint.

iPhone Tutorials

Matthew Loeber is collaborating with our studio to spread his iPhone camera knowledge! When you visit, go to the iPad inside of the studio to sign up for our email list to receive information about the new iPhone camera tutorials. Learn how to improve your smartphone photography skills from the iPhone guru himself!

Hope To See You There!

Phil Kramer Hosts: The Polaroidvangogh begins on Friday, September 7th at 227 Quarry Street, 1st Floor around 5PM. Follow Phil Kramer and Matthew Loeber on Instagram for information, updates, and content.

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