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5 Locations to Explore in Philadelphia with a Camera



1. Old City/Independence Park

In addition to operating our business here, Old City’s greenspace and historical landmarks like Elfreth’s Alley and Independence Hall provide an old-fashioned, yet charming background for photography.

On our photo excursions with students, we begin with an overview of camera fundamentals at our studio on 227 Quarry Street before leaping into Philadelphia’s most historical section, exploring brick roads, traversing the greenspace and cutting through cobblestone roads.

2. Penn’s Landing and South Street

This excursion begins at Penn’s Landing for a quick tutorial on camera fundamentals and wraps along Front Street, dips into Society Hill, and finishes ten blocks into South Street. South Street contrasts Lombard Street’s dim-lit, cozy neighborhood atmosphere. South Street is famous for its edginess, diverse cultures, and vibrant murals. Every block of South Street is a goldmine for photography.

For this, we meet at I-95 Park, which is located at Front & Chestnut Street. After a quick introduction and discussion, the best route is swinging down Penn’s Landing and working our way through South Street.

3. The Pennsylvania Convention Center and Chinatown

An excursion to this district provides you with the opportunity to capture the neon-grunge of Chinatown’s streets, the grandeur of its famous friendship arch, and the carousel at Franklin Square.

When travelling to Chinatown, our classes meet at our business location at 227 Quarry Street in Old City where we will discuss photography basics before walking there from Arch Street and finishing at Franklin Square.

4. Water Works, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, Rodin Museum, and Logan Circle

There is endless beauty to capture in the architecture of The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Rodin Museum, The Franklin Institute, and The Barnes Foundation. This area is a photogenic spot with its spacious greenspaces, skyscrapers and architecture.

The most logical place for a group meeting with photographers is at the Water Works gazebo closest to the Fairmont Dam (or the small water). After going over the basics with students, before climbing the Art Museum steps for a beautiful view of the Philadelphia skyline and then making our way toward Logan Circle.

5. Love Park, City Hall, Broad Street and Rittenhouse Square

The center sidewalk at Broad Street is one of the most popular spots for portrait Photography in Philadelphia, so we will educate you on how to shoot here. This is a populated area, so there is a lot of photograph.

This excursion begins at Love Park for a tutorial on camera fundamentals. After this quick tutorial, we will explore City Hall, South Broad Street, and finish at Rittenhouse Square.

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