Meisha Johnson CBS 3 Philly | Photography by Phil Kramer
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Meisha Johnson CBS 3 Philly | Photography by Phil Kramer

Meisha Johnson is a former television news anchor for CBS 3 Eyewitness News: Philadelphia, as well as a model, actress, social media influencer, and motivator.

As a Philadelphia portrait and commercial photographer, I take pride in photographing iconic figures who are recognizable and make a different in the local community. I was fortunate that CBS 3 Philadelphia hired me to photograph the members of their newsroom, including Meisha Johnson. I photographed headshots for Meisha Johnson along with her entire team at CBS 3. The photos were captured at CBS 3's location near 15th and Spring Garden street in Philadelphia. The images from this photoshoot were intended for the promotional use of only CBS 3 Philadelphia.

When performing portrait photography, it is important to consider the hair color of your subject in contrast to their background. When photographing Meisha Johnson, her brunette hair popped from the white background behind her, and her dark purple dress popped as well, which complimented her dark hair. This created a wonderful image that matches her bold personality. It is critical to consider color during a portrait session, so that the eye catches the natural blend and flow of color throughout the entire image. This makes great photography and places the subject in the spotlight of the photo.

If you are searching for a Philadelphia commercial portrait photographer to capture your own iconic style, please contact me to discuss pricing and a creative concept that you would like to explore.

Location: 1555 Hamilton St, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

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