Holding Hands and Wiping a Tear at a Ritz Carlton Wedding
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Holding Hands and Wiping a Tear at a Ritz Carlton Wedding

This photograph from a wedding at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton Hotel captures the beauty behind true love as the two grooms hold one another, one holding with a loose grip and the other with a hand on his knee. The future husbands sit in front of a bronze plague engraved with an angel and latin scriptures. 

Black and white photography generates empathy because the emotional expressions of the subjects gives the image its color. The viewer relates to this expression of male love, which draws a stronger connection to the image. 

The black and white photography does not distort their clothing as patiently wait dressed in a black suit jacket, stripped trousers and a tan tuxedo vest. The husband wipes his tear away behind his partner's back. The two grooms hold onto one another as a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a vale rests on a pamphlet below their loose grip. The bronze engraving between them gives the photograph a divine beauty, and the powerful steel acts as a metaphor of their unbreakable marital bond between one another.

The viewer's eye drifts from the facial expressions of the two male fiancés, it passes across their arms and centers itself on their loose, but passionate grip.

The strong emotions during this real moment make it difficult for the subjects to contain themselves, and as a result, a tear falls and their grips come loose. This photo captures the raw love that quickly leaks through the small cracks of the moment.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel is south of City Hall at the corner of the Penn Square circle. Website: The Ritz Carlton: Philadelphia. Contact number: 1-215-523-8000

Location: 10 Ave of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102.