Salmon and String Beans | Food Photography by Phil Kramer

Salmon and String Beans | Food Photography by Phil Kramer

Salmon Entrée Photographer

I have experience photographing elegant platters of food for restaurants, so that they can give their customers a genuine interpretation of the entrée that they are about to purchase.

Food photography is easier when the chef pays attention to detail and presentation. It is similar to a close photograph a flower, where the subject's natural beauty enhances the picture.

The fancy salmon in this photograph was portioned correctly with the other side dishes, which made photographing it a fantastic experience. The right angle is critical for food photography because, as a photographer, I want to capture all the defining details of each element on the plate.

The plate is a white background for the chef's creativity. In my role as the food photographer, I capture the intricate details of that the customer will bite into, so I shoot to make them feel the food already on their taste buds.

Photographing any fish, such as salmon, tilapia, or flounder, makes for excellent food photography because the details are prominent and shine from the food complimenting it on the plate. Fish is adds colorful life to the photograph and looks unique on the plate.

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