Boxer Bernard Hopkins | Photo by Phil Kramer Photographers
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Boxer Bernard Hopkins | Photo by Phil Kramer Photographers

Bernard Hopkins, a middleweight and light-heavy weight American boxer from Philadelphia, visited my photography studio for a portrait session. As a Philadelphia portrait photographer, I've photographed various American celebrities, and I've photographed Bernard Hopkins (also known as The Alien or B-Hop) at my studio once before for a concept photo session, so capturing a more formal portrait felt different, while also appropriate.

The images from Bernard Hopkin's most recent portrait session with me were intended for Modern Luxury Datebook, a charity magazine honoring Philadelphia's philanthropists.

Bernard Hopkins donned a formal navy suit with a floral neck tie, while contrasted to the rugged background of my photography courtyard. After photographing a group image, I reminded Bernard of the concept image that we created together: the infamous image of him screaming. After sharing this moment of nostalgia, he agreed to pose for more individual portraits, which revived more of my own memories of photographing the Golden Boy boxer back at my previous studio.

Photographing a champion boxing icon like Bernard Hopkins for a second time was a thrilling experience, and I'm glad that we could create something different than the original portraits that we captured in the past. Bernard Hopkins is a true boxing champion of Philadelphia and I'm fortunate to have photographed the orthodox boxer twice in my lifetime.

Location: 227 Quarry Street, 1st Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

Keywords: Bernard Hopkins, Golden Boy, Philadelphia boxer, The Alien.