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I am a Philadelphia photographer with expertise in photojournalistic wedding photography, organic portraits, and fashionable commercial photography.

I consider myself a preserver of extraordinary moments. The greatest feeling in the world is capturing a photograph that tells someone’s story, connects them to the past, and reminds them that life is beautiful.

At nine years old, my mother inspired me to express myself through photography when she surprised me with my first camera at 9 years old.

Today, I’m continuing to grow as a creative artist, but I imagine I am exceeding her expectations.


Drumming was my first love. At five years old, I played the drums on coffee cans, which prompted my father to buy me a drum kit by The Monkees.

Before discovering photography, my lifelong dream was to become a drummer. The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and The Doors were only a few of the bands fueling this music addiction (and that’s keeping the list short).

I haven’t lost it. I still love kicking the bass drum and crashing the cymbals on my vintage 1980 Rogers Londoner 7.

Photographer Phil Kramer drumming on The Monkees drumset

I grew up in northeast Philadelphia before moving to Cinnaminson, New Jersey. As a student at Cinnaminson High School, I played roto toms in the marching band, won first prize at a battle of the bands competition and was offered a full-ride scholarship to study percussion at Philadelphia College of Performing Arts.


I decided to try out for the wrestling team with my friend group, and I fell in love it with, so I wrestled in high school for the Cinnaminson Pirates.

I enjoyed the competitive nature of this sport and I’ve connected with a lot of people through wrestling. It taught me many valuable life lessons, such as leadership, commitment, responsibility, handling situations while under pressure.

I returned to coach Cinnaminson Middle School wrestling where I enjoyed preparing younger kids for the challenges of wrestling at a high school level.

Photographer Phil Kramer winning a wrestling match for Cinnaminson


My father was involved in an American Revolution reenactment group called The Second Pennsylvania Regiment and he encouraged me to march in the fife and drum corps. Participating in this with my father opened a door to an opportunity that would change my life forever.

I missed most of high school during my senior year because I was recruited and casted as the drummer in the film TAPS by the casting director. I arrived on set with a snare drum supplied to me by the Valley Forge Military Band, and my brother’s Minolta 101 camera, so that I could document my experience on set.

Participating in this movie ignited my love for photography because I photographed Hollywood’s most talented stars: George C. Scott, Tom Cruise, Sean Penn, Timothy Hutton and Giancarlo Esposito. I created a personal scrapbook that the cast members would pass around.

My scrapbook landed in the hands of award-winning cinematographer, Owen Roizman, who complimented my candid photos and became my mentor as the film progressed. He urged me to consider pursuing photography as a profession, and in my scrapbook, he signed his name and wrote, “To a Great Photographer…”


After finishing TAPS, I graduated from high school, and rejected my scholarship to study percussion at Philadelphia College of Performing Arts. I realized that I loved the artistic thrill of photography, and inspired by Owen’s words, I pursued this craft.

I enrolled into Antonelli Institute in Philadelphia where I studied film development, darkroom printing, lighting techniques, portraiture, and advanced photography fundamentals.

Throughout my learning years, I was an assistant photographer shooting Acme food advertisements making $3 per hour, I shot New Jersey Elementary and High School portraits, and I freelanced with other photography studios to stay busy on the weekends as a second shooter.

I graduated from Antonelli as one of the top students in my class with an Associate Degree in Specialized Technology, had a burning ambition to form my identity as a photographer.

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In my 35+ years as a photographer, I’ve photographed over 3,000 events ranging from weddings, corporate gatherings, bar/bat mitzfahs, birthday parties, concerts, and charities. On top of this, I’ve photographed over 3,000 portraits, and I’ve produced over 100 creative photography projects.

In 1999, I earned the Degree of Photographic Craftsman by Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and was named “Best of Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine.

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I’m grateful to photograph local Philadelphia businesses and national corporations. I’ve provided my photography services for: Time Life Magazine, Majestic, Hasbro, PECO Energy, CBS 3, Sports Illustrated, Forbes, People, First National Bank, Conde Nast, Fox 29: Philadelphia, Amherst Media, Hanover Direct, NACE, Philadelphia 76ers, Philadelphia Phillies, Philadelphia Eagles, Dougherty Electric, FIS Group, THINK Magazine, The Knot, Kennedy International, Hotel Du Pont, Philadelphia Style, Row Home Magazine, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Antonelli Institute, 50andbeyond Magazine, AMPCO System Parking, ManeStreem, Home Expressions, ACE USA, National Realty, Core States Group, and The Four Seasons: Philadelphia.



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During 2006-2008, I toured the United States speaking to photographers in New York, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Detroit. I was sponsored by Fujifilm, Leather Craftsmen, and AGFA during these speaking tours.



I view all my subjects as celebrities, but some people create a little more buzz than others. A few of these people worth mentioning include: Pope Francis, Kourtney Kardashian, Bernard Hopkins, Kevin Bacon, M. Night Shyamalan, Dick Vermeil, Sherman Hemsley, Kelly Clarkson, James Brolin, Bobby Flay, Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, Broad Street Bullies, Carli Lloyd, Jon Bon Jovi, Chubby Checker, Vince Papale, Elton John, Brent Celek, Dee Dee Sharp, Jim Kenney, Vincent Young, Merrill Reese, Meisha Johnson, Phillie Phanatic, Rodney McLeod, Bel-Ami, Vin Rock, Michael Barkann, Earl Young, Bunny Sigler, Tom Wolf, Bobby Rydell, Angelo Cataldi, Ukee Washington and Justin Williams.


I proposed to my beautiful wife Donna on the bridge to Liberty Square at Walt Disney World. We married each other on October 18th 1992 at Greystone Hall in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and together, we’ve been married for over 25 years.

In 1995, my life changed forever once again when our only child Evan was born into this world. His presence in my life taught me about fatherhood and motivated me to work even harder towards my goals.

Portrait of Photographer Phil Kramer and Evan Kramer

We adopted our Shih Tzu, Sugar, into our family in 2004 and she continues to brighten our day. She loves sneaking into the bathroom to eat toilet paper, sunbathing in the grass, and exploring Philadelphia.


I constantly strive for the best possible shot. I want to provide fascination, beauty, inspiration, and wonder when someone looks at a picture or turns the page of an album! I’m a listener of my clients’ desires and I love watching them connect with photography that will last forever.

I’m grateful to have a profession where I capture beautiful memories for families and their future generations. This realization motivates me to provide creative photography services that exceed expectations.

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